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Evidence based medicine through clinical research has long been the foundation of expanding our understanding of medicine and guiding decision making for patient care. We are proud to review here a new clinical research program at The Orthopaedic Institute in interventional pain medicine.

The field of interventional pain is expanding at a very rapid pace and at TOI we are on the cutting edge of newer, more effective, and less invasive options for our patients. As alternatives to less effective and sometimes dangerous medications, our minimally invasive procedures can serve as alternatives or a as a compliment to other surgical procedures such as spine surgery and joint replacement surgery. While all of our studies are funded, some offer patients access to therapies otherwise yet to be approved by regular insurance.

The goal of our clinical research program at TOI is to help understand new treatments and gain a better understanding of already established therapies. I serve as the Medical Director for Clinical Research and Gretchen Kostedt is our outstanding clinical research coordinator. Currently, we are participating in 8 funded studies making us one of the largest interventional pain clinical research programs in the Southeast. We are currently investigating new options in spinal cord stimulation, lumbar spinal stenosis, post-operative knee pain, and peripheral nerve stimulation, and … sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

We expect to continue our growth as a national leader in clinical research for advanced interventional pain therapies in the years to come.  For more information about specific research studies or if you have an interest in participating please contact Gretchen Kostedt at … (352)224-4904.

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