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Can I Benefit From a Sports Medicine Doctor?

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One of the major misconceptions about sports medicine doctors is that they only treat athletes. In reality, their specialization covers a broad range of individuals from the weekend warrior to the regular gym buff. A sports medicine doctor is trained in treating musculoskeletal injuries like ankle sprains and knee injuries. While these may occur more frequently in athletes, even non-athletic individuals can hurt themselves in a sudden trip or fall.

Outside of acute injuries, sports medicine doctors also treat overuse injuries. These are problems that develop over time when repetitive motion causes stress on the joints or joint tissue. Construction workers and other types of laborers are most likely to experience tendonitis, stress fractures or other types of overuse injuries.

Care from a sports medicine doctor:

Sports medicine doctors treat anyone who practices regular physical activity. Their goal is to enhance their patients’ performance, prevent injury and keep them physically active for the long run.

A sports medicine doctor can be thought of as a partner in managing a healthy lifestyle. They understand that every patient requires a unique approach to treating and preventing their musculoskeletal injuries. When one patient may respond to physical therapy, another may require other conservative treatment methods. A sports medicine doctor is trained to factor in the patient’s life-specific activities to create a treatment plan that is right for them.

Who can benefit from a sports medicine doctor?

Sports medicine doctors treat anyone – not just athletes. Their sub-specialty of orthopaedic medicine focuses on joint health and physical wellbeing for professional athletes, weekend warriors and gym newbies alike.

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