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66-Year-Old Woman from The Villages Now Lives Pain-Free After Total Knee Arthroplasty at The Orthopaedic Institute

Janeen W. is a 66-year-old avid tennis player from The Villages, FL who suffered from degenerative and severe knee pain, forcing her to temporarily quit her favorite daily activities. Feeling discouraged and fearful that the rest of her life would pass her by sitting down, she sought the help of The Orthopaedic Institute’s (TOI) Dr. James B. Duke after being recommended by several of her friends. Dr. Duke was able to perform a successful cementless Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) on Janeen, getting her back to a healthy, pain-free life full of tennis, friends, and a positive outlook!

Janeen First Begins Feeling Knee Pain

Janeen’s knee pain first began late in 2019. At first, the knee pain was easily manageable, only appearing when she would play tennis, and she continued to play tennis without giving it much thought. By April 2020, however, she was no longer able to ignore her pain. 

During her first visit at TOI, Janeen received a cortisone shot, which helped to temporarily relieve her pain for a few days. When her pain returned, she and her TOI care team knew that more needed to be done. 

Janeen Seeks the Treatment She Deserves 

“I could not play tennis. Walking – even just going to the grocery store – by the third aisle, I was limping,” Janeen stated. She wanted to live the active life she was used to and didn’t want to take the rest of her life sitting down. After TOI told her that a knee replacement would be in her future, she decided she wanted to do it right away and get back to her normal life faster. 

Her surgery was scheduled for August 31, 2020, 5 days after her appointment with Dr. Duke. “I have to tell you, I woke up from anesthesia, and the pain from that point on has been less than what I experienced before,” Janeen said. 

The procedure took place in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Janeen stated that she was very pleased with the safety procedures TOI had in place to minimize spread and ensure patient safety. 

After surgery, Janeen continued her treatment journey with physical rehabilitation that focused on regaining total knee function with specific exercises for tennis. Six weeks after surgery, she was already back to playing tennis without any pain! Two weeks after getting back into the game, she began to play more aggressively as she did before her knee pain began. 

“I feel like I’m 100%. I really do,” Janeen said, feeling thankful to Dr. Duke and the team at The Orthopaedic Institute.

Seeking Treatment in The Villages?

The Orthopaedic Institute has 10 locations in Florida, and we are proud to service patients in The Villages. If you or a loved one are experiencing knee, elbow, spine or other musculoskeletal pain, schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated physicians. The Orthopedic Institute offers breakthrough therapies and noninvasive treatments for long-term relief. Find the pain relief you need today. Call (855) 921-2362 or (352) 424-6882 to schedule an appointment or request one online today!

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