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Hand and Wrist


The hand and wrist joints are what make humans unique, allowing us to complete both gross and fine motor movements. Gross motor movements permit us to lift large objects while fine motor movements allow us to complete delicate and detailed tasks.

Our wrists are made up of many small bones and joints that enable our hand to rotate, bend forward and backward, and move side to side. The wrist is connected to the hand by the ends of the five metacarpal bones, which are bones located in our palms that connect to each of our five fingers.

Since both our hands and wrists are used so often in daily life, this region of the body is highly vulnerable to a variety of injuries and conditions. Without proper function of our hands and wrists, it is very difficult to live a full life.

At The Orthopaedic Institute, our highly trained and board certified physicians can treat a wide range of common and complex injuries of the hand and wrist. Our hand and wrist specialists can help you to regain your quality of life.


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