70-Year-Old Man Gets Life Back After Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Late 2019, Gary H., a 70-year-old avid golfer, had to stop his active lifestyle when he began experiencing chronic pain in his left shoulder. What started as insignificant, minor pain soon turned into an unignorable problem. When his pain prevented him from playing with his grandkids or enjoying his daily life, Gary knew it was time to seek help. 

“I got tired of feeling like I was handicapped,” Gary said. “They said the best thing I could do is see a doctor. I was hesitant, but I’m glad I did.” Gary understood he was getting older, but the idea of surgeries on top of surgeries scared him. After being referred to The Orthopaedic Institute (TOI) by his primary care physician, all of Gary’s worries soon melted away. 

Gary’s Experience at The Orthopaedic Institute

Gary met with Dr. Havalee Henry at TOI to assess his shoulder and begin the treatment process. While Gary was nervous about seeing a physician at first, Dr. Henry relieved his tension. 

“She’s got a great personality, and we both laughed a lot,” Gary said, remembering his first visit at TOI. It didn’t take long for Dr. Henry to determine that the cause of Gary’s shoulder pain was severe bilateral shoulder osteoarthritis, likely due to the aging process and natural wear-and-tear due to his active lifestyle.

When more conservative treatment methods failed to relieve Gary’s shoulder pain, he and Dr. Henry decided a reverse shoulder replacement may be the best option to help him find lasting relief. 

“She had a lot of confidence in what she was doing, and that went right into my heart,” Gary said. With Dr. Henry by his side, Gary no longer felt nervous about the operation. After the successful reverse shoulder replacement surgery, Gary was pleased to see Dr. Henry walk into his room and bring a smile to his face with her positive energy. 

Gary Gets His Life Back

Like all joint replacement patients, Gary entered into a comprehensive physical therapy program following his surgery. What was meant to be an eight-week program, Gary finished in six with complete resolution of his pain. 

“I went through therapy really fast. My therapist said it was unbelievable how fast I could get [my shoulder] moving and lifting,” Gary said. After his six-month follow-up appointment with Dr. Henry, Gary reported he had returned to all of his activities, including golf and playing with his grandkids!

“It gave me more flexibility and confidence. I’m not afraid to jump, run, catch stuff. It made me more active,” Gary said. “I would recommend [Dr. Henry] to anybody, even the whole Orthopaedic Institute. They’re all great doctors.”

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Gary H. and Dr. Henry