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The Orthopaedic Institute has recently partnered with the HURT! mobile app to offer a convenient and fast way to access orthopaedic specialists for the treatment of sudden and acute injuries.

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Expert Orthopaedic Advice at Your Fingertips

Through the partnership with the HURT! app, patients of The Orthopaedic Institute can now receive free virtual after-hours access to orthopaedic specialists who can provide personalized advice and guidance on what to do next. This allows patients to avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and receive the advice they need in a timely and efficient manner.

Download the HURT! app

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Fast, FREE Injury Guidance

A whole network of orthopedic experts are on call at your fingertips.

Connect with a local orthopedic specialist within minutes of an injury.
Receive immediate guidance or get an instant referral to a specialist if needed.
Bypass costly, time-consuming and potentially unnecessary visits to the ER.
Orthopedic Guidance for When Life Comes At You Fast
Open the App

to connect with an orthopedic specialist

Describe Injury

to determine the extent of your injury

Chat With a Doctor

to get a care plan and appropriate therapy

Get Referred

to an orthopedic doctor in your area if needed

Manage Care

for all your accident-prone family members

Stacy K.

Patient Experience

I twisted my ankle on the trails tonight and my ankle swelled up immediately. I would have gone to Urgent Care and waited 3 hours if I hadn’t used this app. They saved me a bunch of money, and time!

The HURT! app is a perfect solution for new and unexpected injuries that require immediate attention. Patients can connect with orthopaedic specialists within minutes of an injury, receive personalized care instructions and avoid prolonged discomfort or pain.

It is important to note that the HURT! app should not be used for post-op or follow-up appointments. Patients of The Orthopaedic Institute should continue following their physician’s treatment plan and schedule any necessary in-office visits accordingly.

Download the HURT! app
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