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The Orthopaedic Institute e-Newsletter Winter 2015


We are pleased to present our seasonal e-newsletter dedicated to patient education with timely topics in medicine, health and lifestyle.
This Winter 2015 issue includes the following:

  • Body Wise Magazine Hot off the Press! Volume 8, Issue 1 
  • Upcoming Physician Presentations






A New Way For Partial Knee Replacements
By Timothy Lane, M.D.

The goal of knee replacement surgery is to decrease pain and restore function in the knee. Although most knee replacement candidates need a total knee replacement, there is a percentage of patients who qualify for a less invasive option. This less invasive option is called an unicompartmental knee replacement, better known as “partial knee replacement.” Read more about partial knee replacements here.


Common Causes of Finger Stiffness
By Zakariah S. Mahmood, M.D.

A common complaint of patients who are referred to a hand specialist is loss of mobility and motion of the fingers. Most often these complaints are gradual in onset, rather than starting abruptly. The stiffness and loss of mobility may or may not be associated with pain. Usually, patients complain of the inability to do activities they enjoy because of loss of gripping ability or fine dexterity. Important and common causes of this loss in mobility include Dupuytren’s contracture, arthritis, locked trigger finger, and various injuries. Fortunately, there are treatments available for these conditions. Read more about these common conditions and their treatment options here.

Treatment Options For Rotator Cuff Tears
By Jonathan R. Pritt, M.D.

A rotator cuff tear is a common cause of pain and disability among adults. In 2008, close to 2 million people in the U.S. visited their doctors because of a rotator cuff problem. The rotator cuff can tear as a result of injury or, much more commonly, as a result of age related degeneration. Learn more about treatment options for rotator cuff tears here.

Welcome Jeffrey C. Glenn, D.O.

The Orthopaedic Institute is proud to announce the addition of Jeffrey C. Glenn, D.O. to its group of 28 physicians.

Dr. Glenn is board certified with areas of clinical interest in Orthopaedic Surgery, Joint Replacement and Reconstruction, Hip Surgery, Knee Surgery and Shoulder Surgery. Glenn graduated from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his Adult Reconstructive Surgery fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation. 

Dr. Glenn sees patients out of TOI's Lake City facility. To learn more about Dr. Glenn, click here.


Welcome R. James Toussaint, M.D.

The Orthopaedic Institute is proud to announce the addition of R. James Toussaint, M.D. to its group of 28 physicians.

Dr. Toussaint graduated from the New York University School of Medicine, completed his Orthopaedic Surgery Residency at Harvard Medical School, and recently concluded his Foot and Ankle Fellowship Training at OrthoCarolina Foot and Ankle Institute. Dr. Toussaint is board eligible with areas of clinical interest in Degenerative, Traumatic and Sports Related Foot and Ankle Disorders.

Dr. Toussaint sees patients out of TOI's Gainesville facility. To learn more about Dr. Toussaint, click here.



Body Wise Magazine

The Orthopaedic Institute's biannual publication, Body Wise, is now available on our website and in our patient lobbies. Volume 8, Issue 1, features articles written by Dr. Timothy Lane, Dr. Zakariah Mahmood and Dr. Jonathan Pritt. Download the latest issue here. 

Physician Presentation Dates and Times

Physician: Marc J. Rogers, D.O.
Presentation Topic: Treatment Options for Common Shoulder Problems:Featuring All Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
Location: Comfort Suites, 1202 Avenida Central - The Villages, FL
Date/Time: October 27th, 2014 at 2 p.m.
Open to the public. Please RSVP to 1-800-530-1188.

Physician: R. James Toussaint, M.D.
Presentation Topic: Answers to Ankle Arthritis and Pain
Location: North Florida Regional Medical Center, Community Room - Gainesville, FL
Date/Time: October 30th, 2014 at 6 p.m.
Open to the public. Please RSVP to 1-800-611-6913.

Physician: Zakariah S. Mahmood, M.D.
Presentation Topic: Your Elbows to Your Fingertips - Common Orthopaedic Problems
Location: Comfort Suites, 1202 Avenida Central - The Villages, FL
Date/Time: November 13th, 2014 at 2 p.m.
Open to the public. Please RSVP to 1-800-530-1188.


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