Frequently Asked Questions for Patient Portal 

How do I find my Username/Temporary Password?

> Your Username is the email you provided to TOI. The Temporary Password is given to you by a staff member.

Is my health information safe in the Patient Portal?

> Yes. The passwords are encrypted and the URLs cannot be replicated. The Patient Portal also times out if you leave the page open and unattended.

Where does the information I see in the Patient Portal come from?

> All of the information you see comes from your electronic health record at TOI. Your TOI physician and staff enter your health information after each visit.

Who else has access to my Patient Portal account?

> With your consent, you can share your health information with a family member or anyone who is involved in your care. You must sign a written consent at TOI to access the Patient Portal and to share information.

How can I get help if I any issues with Patient Portal?

> Call 352.336.6000