April’s Journey through Knee Surgery

by TOI Admin December 13, 2016

At 60 years old, April could not remember a time she was not active throughout her life. “I love to walk and have been power walking most of my life. I enjoy working out, walking our dog, hiking, and strength training.”

But then April began experiencing pain and difficulty after walking a short distance it began to negatively affect her quality of life. “The pain made me reserved and it slowed me down and it’s not my lifestyle to be slowed down. It finally got to the point where I wasn’t enjoying my life because I couldn’t do the things I loved to do.” It was time to see a doctor. April chose The Orthopaedic Institute’s Edward Jaffe, M.D. as her doctor and surgeon.

April needed a partial knee replacement. “One reason I chose Dr. Jaffe is because he performs the MAKOplasty knee surgery. There is no room for human error.”

“When Dr. Jaffe walked into the OR, he was smiling, happy, and confident. I knew everything was going to work out. I wanted to feel the best I can feel and Dr. Jaffe helped me achieve that. And I feel like TOI was there for me. I say TOI because I mean everyone at TOI made me feel like I belong, like I was a family member.”

At 7 weeks post-surgery, April resumed all her normal activities. “This may seem small, but since surgery I can easily go up and down stairs and step off curbs with confidence. I got my balance back! And more importantly, I got my life back.

April’s Advice on getting MAKOplasty knee surgery:

    • Do it! Get your life back. Don’t put it off!
    • Do your research
    • Choose the surgeon that is right for you and right for the job
    • It’s ok to get a second opinion  
  • Follow all post-operative instructions given to you by your doctor and medical staff
  • After surgery you have to push yourself and be determined to succeed
  • Go to physical therapy!

What is MAKOplasty?

MAKOplasty is used to enable surgeons to plan partial knee or total hip replacement procedures by using three-dimensional computer imaging based on a CT scan.[2] This allows them to determine optimal implant size, position, and alignment for each individual patient, and to map out accurately the areas of bone they want to remove. During surgery, the robotic arm system provides visual, auditory, and tactile control to help assure that surgeons cut away only the bone planned to be resected prior to surgery. The procedure is said to take the guesswork out of surgery, resulting in accurate and reproducible results.1

For partial-knee replacements, MAKOplasty allows surgeons to remove only the diseased portions of the joint, preserving healthy tissue and ligaments, resulting in a more natural feeling knee. The procedure can be performed on the medial compartment, the lateral compartment, the patello-femoral compartment or on a combination of the medial and the patello-femoral compartments of the knee. Patients with bicompartmental MAKOplasty have improved function over those with total knee replacement surgery, and demonstrate better post-operative range of motion and quadriceps strength compared to total knee arthroplasty.2

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