Take A Stand on Sitting

by TOI Admin June 11, 2015
Do you sit for long periods of time? If so, it’s time to take a stand. Literally. Stand up! Here’s why…


Whether you have a long commute, a desk job, or you binge watch a TV series over the weekend, sitting for long periods of time is simply bad for your health. The fact is most Americans spend more than half of their lives sitting! New research shows this sedentary behavior is linked to an increase in our risk of major health issues such as cancer and type 2 diabetes. Even more alarming is that even if you exercise regularly, but still sit for prolonged periods, you still have an elevated risk of future health problems.  

Despite these disturbing facts, there’s still hope. Here are some tips on ways to limit sitting and its impact*:

  • While working at a desk, be sure to get up for one to three minutes every half-hour or so and move around.
  • While watching TV, stand or exercise during the advertisements (and no, don't go stand at the open fridge or the pantry).
  • Monitor how much you sit, and try to reduce it by realistic increments every week. You should aim for two to three fewer sedentary hours in a 12-hour day. A wearable monitor can help establish a baseline and assess progress toward a goal.
  • Know that getting regular exercise is good for you regardless of what you do for the rest of the day: It will not only help reduce your sedentary time, it should lower your risk of illness and improve your survival prospects if you have no alternative to logging long hours in a chair.
*Tips from Dr. David Alter, senior scientist at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute 


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