North Florida Regional now using local company’s technology in knee surgeries

by TOI Admin March 2, 2015

Article Courtesy of The Gainesville Sun*

By Christopher Curry








Continuing a trend of technology-assisted surgeries, North Florida Regional Medical Center has started using a local company's computer system in knee replacement surgeries.

Orthopedic surgeons at North Florida Regional began using the Exactech Guided Personalized Surgery (or GPS) system three to four months ago. The system uses trackers placed on a patient's bones to relay measurements and information and a visual image of the knee area to a touch screen computer monitor.

Dr. Mark Petty, an orthopedic surgeon practicing at North Florida Regional, says the navigation technology allows a surgeon to more precisely align, measure and fit a knee replacement. That improves the longevity and function of the implant, he said.

Xeve Silver, a product manager with Gainesville-based Exactech, compared the process to the tires on a car. Tires, like knees, wear out over time and if the new tires are not rotated and aligned properly, they will wear out, he said.

Gainesville resident Ed Lacombe had severe arthritis in his right knee had a knee replacement done this week. Lacombe said his knee was bent way out of shape and now it's straight as an arrow. Lacombe had previously had two hip replacement surgeries and Petty said the fact that Lacombe already had a rod in his right hip would have complicated the process of aligning a knee implant using a traditional technique.

The Exactech system is part of a proliferation in computer- and robot-assisted surgery technology. UF Health Shands Hospital also uses surgical navigation computer systems. The MAKO Surgical Corporation's robotic arm, the RIO, and the da Vinci Surgical System, which includes a magnified 3D high-definition vision system and allows doctors seated at a console several feet from a patient to use hand and foot controls to operate tiny robotic instruments, are just two other examples of the technology local surgeons now have available.

More info on Guided Personalized Surgery:

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