#SixMoreWeeksofWinter: How to Stay Active

by TOI Admin February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day from TOI! This morning Punxsutawney Phil predicted #SixMoreWeeksofWinter. This means some cold days could be on their way, giving us all an easy excuse to stay inside and hibernate.

Here are some tips to keep you active this winter (#TOIGetUpAndGo)

Mix Up Your Exercise Routine: If you prefer to exercise inside on cold days, why not change it up a bit with a different indoor sport or activity? Examples include rock climbing, boxing classes, Zumba, and roller skating.

Invest in at home exercise equipment:  For a relatively low cost you can buy hand weights or resistance bands for at home use. Set aside a few minutes a couple times a week to use your equipment. You can even do it while you watch TV! If you don’t want to purchase any equipment, you can use cans of food.

Use Your Computer and/or TV: Does this sound counterproductive?! Well, we promise it’s not! You can find some great free exercise videos on YouTube. You can also rent or buy an exercise DVD tailored to what you like to do.

Get that Housework Done: Have you been putting off some home cleaning or projects? Use this indoor time to get it done!! Set time goals for yourself to keep you motivated.

Use Your Own Body: Check out these 35 Cardio-Based Bodyweight Exercises you can do almost anywhere! 

Let us know some other ways to stay active? Use #TOIGetUpAndGo

Photo Credit: http://mizzfit.com/Public/Files/post/spring_fitness_trends_groundhog_day_mizzfit_e01a8e3eec.jpg


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