Weekend Warriors: Tips to Stay Injury Free

by TOI Admin January 30, 2015

Family with Canoe If you are sedentary during the week but active on the weekends, odds are you can call yourself a Weekend Warrior. After sitting at your desk all week by Friday afternoon you are probably raring to get up and go! Weekend Warriors tend to seek out activities during the weekend that keep them moving, like long walks, yard work, jogs, bike rides, golf, tennis, and more. 

Being a Weekend Warrior is commendable, but can come with risk of injury. The Orthopaedic Institute's physicians treat a fair amount of patients who have been injured as a result of a weekend warrior activity. Injuries typically occur because the individuals usually don't have time to train during the week and condition their bodies to handle vigorous exercise on the weekends.

Here are some helpful tips to keep you active and injury free:

Start a Regular Exercise Routine: Even if you can only incorporate 10 minutes of activity per day, it is better than nothing! Check out this article in The Orthopaedic Institute's magazine Body Wise called "Healthy Lifestyles: Focusing on Positive Changes".

Sport Specific Activities: Depending on your weekend activity, try to do a sports specific weekly routine to get your body ready for the weekend. For instance, if you plan to go on a long run over the weekend, try to jog throughout the week.

Stay Informed: While you are surfing the web, why not learn some things about keeping your body healthy! Connect with The Orthopaedic Institute on its Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to stay informed about TOI news, exercise, healthy recipes, and more. 

If you do get injured, seek help accordingly. If it is an emergency, call 911 or go to the ER. But, if you can manage your injury until Monday, The Orthopaedic Institute offers same or next day appointments through its Fast Access Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Clinics.You can request an appointment online or call 352.336.6000. 

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