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by TOI Admin August 17, 2012

About 50 million adults (1 in 5) and 300,000 children in the U.S.are currently affected by arthritis, making it the nation’s leading cause of disability, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Arthritis is a complex family comprised of more than 100 musculoskeletal disorders with numerous causes that are not fully understood and are currently incurable. However, with the proper diagnosis and supervised guidance of a physician, you can successfully manage your symptoms.

In addition to care provided by a physician, technology can aid in helping to organize and keep you in check with reaching your wellness goals. Health-related Apps, available for iPhone, iPad and Android, are popular options created to meet the practical day to day needs of users.

As featured on, the TRACK + REACT App is an integral tool in which you can easily identify which daily activities impact your arthritis. TRACK + REACT was specifically created for people with arthritis, allowing them to identify health trends over time. The app features seven individual modules including Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Medication, Your Day, Symptoms and Results. Below is a short description of each module from, describing their benefits and how each can help in successfully managing arthritis.

+NUTRITION – Eating nutrient-rich foods can improve overall health, energy and weight. TRACK + REACT allows you to track nine different components of a healthy diet.

+FITNESS – Being physically active can decrease arthritis pain and improve your joint function. With TRACK + REACT, you can set personal fitness goals and track your progress toward reaching it.

+SLEEP - A sound night’s sleep provides critical time for your body and mind to recover from the day and charge up for the day ahead. Track important details about quality and quantity of each night’s sleep.

+MEDICATION – TRACK + REACT allows you to safely and securely record your medication in a way that’s easiest for you to remember. You can keep up with your medication plan and note any side effects you experience.

+YOUR DAY – Monitoring your emotional wellbeing is just as important as tracking your physical health. TRACK + REACT includes a section where you can track this and monitor tends over time.

+SYMPTOMS – A record of your daily arthritis symptoms can be especially valuable when considered over time. With TRACK + REACT, you can record five symptoms, from arthritis pain, stiffness and fatigue to mood and joint function.

+RESULTS – The Results module is where all of your efforts pay off. The Arthritis Impact graph shows you the relationship between what you do and how you feel. Set the graph for any date range and identify who of the self-management components you’d like to see. You can print out the graph to keep or to share with your doctor.

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