2011 Employee wellness program continues

by TOI Admin May 9, 2011

Employees participate in TOI-sponsored fitness boot camp

The Orthopaedic Institute’s employee break rooms are filled with talk of sore arms and legs as well as promises to drink more water and eat healthier. After only one week, TOI is hearing the benefits of its second-quarter wellness opportunity, fitness boot camp.


TOI encourages living healthy through regular exercise and weight management, aiming to educate patients about how to prevent orthopaedic injuries and conditions. Employees are hearing this philosophy off the clock, as they participate in the 2011 Wellness Program. The second-quarter wellness opportunity is a TOI-sponsored, six-week boot camp in Gainesville, Lake City and Ocala. Along with their cheering co-workers, employees are enduring rigorous cardio and strength and endurance training twice a week.


Classes began last week with trainers from 807 Wellness Group in Gainesville, personal trainer Kelly Erkinger in Lake City and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Ocala. Each of these trainers ensure safety and frequent hydration. If you are starting something new or have taken a break from exercise, it is important to be safe and aware. Follow the safety tips from a previous blog post from two of TOI’s licensed physical therapists, Chris Follenius and Carlos Riveros.


Start slowly – gradually increase intensity. The most common victims of exercise injuries are those that have exercised too hard too quickly. Remember, good, quality results are never immediate.


Warm up – make sure that you warm up before every exercise. For example, start with five to 10 minutes on a stationary bike or treadmill before your activity.


Stretch – it is important to stretch after the warm up and after any and all workouts to prevent injuries.


Hydrate – drink plenty of water before, during and after every workout.


Learn the right techniques – holding the wrong position while you workout can lead to a serious injury. If you have any questions about your form and you are working out in a gym, contact the gym’s staff to show you the proper techniques.


Know the warning signs – listen to your body. Muscle fatigue is normal, but if you feel any sharp pain, take a break to relax and get some water. If the pain persists, see a physician. If you experience chest pain or tightness, stop exercising and take a break for at least a day. If this continues, see a physician.


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