TOI's 2011 employee wellness program begins

by TOI Admin March 7, 2011

Employees enjoy TOI-sponsored Zumba classes for the first quarter of 2011


Day in and day out, The Orthopaedic Institute’s physicians promote regular exercise and weight control to ensure healthier joints. TOI has long recognized the importance of encouraging these same principles in the workplace, providing its employees with a variety of wellness opportunities.


In the past, TOI has organized office walking plans and sponsored various programs like fitness boot camp and kickball. This year, TOI has established a year-long wellness program to offer its employees a wellness opportunity for six weeks each quarter.


During the first quarter, employees in each of the four locations, Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City and Alachua, will have the opportunity to take Zumba classes for six weeks. Zumba is a dance-fitness program that blends international music to create a fun and effective workout. The hour-long program offers toning, strengthening and cardio. Not only is Zumba an excellent workout, which targets every major muscle group, it was also voted by TOI employees as the top choice for a TOI-sponsored fitness class.


Employees in Gainesville began on Tuesday, March 1 at Gainesville Health and Fitness Center and employees in Ocala and Lake City began Thursday, March 3 at Ocala Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Lake City Teentown Recreation Center. TOI would like to thank its partners for facilitating this the first quarter of TOI’s wellness program.


Zumba Safety Tips


Zumba is generally a very safe workout meant for a variety of body types and activity levels, but you can never be too safe. Therefore, if you plan to begin or are already taking Zumba classes, here are a few safety tips from Gainesville Health and Fitness Center and TOI’s Michael Owens, ARNP.


  • Ease into it – if you have not been active in awhile, take the classes slowly. You are welcomed and encouraged to take a break whenever you feel it is necessary. Do not push your body too hard.
  • Stretch – make sure that you are stretching both before and after your class, or any workout for that matter.
  • Good shoes are important – tennis shoes with good support are a must. The rubber soles will also keep you from slipping. Additionally, comfortable clothes that you can move in can make the difference between an amazing workout and a frustrating one.
  • Drink a lot of water – not just because you are healthier when hydrated, but you will also burn more fat when your body is functioning at its optimal level.
  • Self-awareness – some of the moves in Zumba can be detrimental if the participant has back issues. Teachers will usually alert the class or give an alternate move, but if anything starts to hurt your back, stop immediately. The adage "no pain, no gain" isn't true when it pertains to anything but muscle soreness, so listen to your body to prevent injuries that could keep you from Zumba-ing in the future. The same applies to any joint pain (shoulder, knee, neck, etc.).
  • Important – if you experience any abnormal soreness or pain that lasts more than two to three days, see a physician.


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