National Radiologic Technology Week® (November 6-12, 2011)

by TOI Admin November 10, 2011

TOI Recognizes its Radiologic Technologist Staff

November 6-12th is officially designated as National Radiologic Technology Week
® by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists to call attention to the important role that medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals play in patient care and health care safety. The week-long celebration takes place each November to commemorate the anniversary of the X-ray’s discovery by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen on November 8, 1895. TOI would like to take a moment to recognize our Radiologic Technologist staff for their dedication to Improving Lives –  Everyday.


Radiologic technologists are medical personnel who perform diagnostic imaging examinations and administer radiation therapy treatments. They are educated in areas including anatomy, patient positioning, examination techniques, equipment protocols, radiation safety, radiation protection and basic patient care. A registered radiologic technologist must complete at least two years of formal education in an accredited hospital-based program or a two or four-year educational program at an academic institution and must pass a national certification exam. They must also earn continuing education credits in order to maintain their registered status.


There are two types of Radiologic Technologists at TOI: X-ray and MRI technicians. Both perform imaging assessments and are responsible for accurately positioning patients to ensure the highest quality diagnostic image is produced. In addition, TOI’s MRI techs are Radiologic Technologists who either have special training and additional certification in Magnetic Resonance Imaging or are working toward the board certification registry.


TOI would like to give a special thank you to its Radiologic Technologist staff!


Radiologic Technologists (X-ray):

Tara Bahrey

Melissa Casto

Gina Hosaflook

Christina Huguley

Nichole Morgan
Diana Meszaros

Valerie Myers

Kerry Ochs

Rebekah Rhodenizer

Daisy Robinson


Radiologic Technologists (MRI):

Renee Stilp

Christi Swiers

Jessica Troncale

Krista Stevenson



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