TOI Recognizes its Physical Therapy Staff - National Physical Therapy Month

by admin October 26, 2010

October is National Physical Therapy Month, and TOI wants to recognize the people who work diligently to rehabilitate its patients. At the four locations there are 26 physical therapy staff members – seven physical therapists, five physical therapy assistants and 14 physical therapy technicians.


 "Physical Therapists are the eyes and ears with patients on a regular basis," said Dr. Andrew F. Rocca, Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon.


Physical Therapists are trusted health care professional with extensive clinical experience who examine, diagnose and prevent or treat conditions that limit the body’s ability to move and function in daily life.


All physical therapists are required to receive a master’s degree from an accredited physical therapist program before taking a national licensure examination that allows them to practice.


"They give patients the confidence to do things that they normally wouldn’t do during rehabilitation, especially after surgery," Dr. Rocca said. "Physical Therapists help patients push through the pain and teach them what they physically can and can’t do - speeding up the overall healing process."


To receive physical therapy at TOI, you must be a current patient. This is especially helpful because of the communication between doctors and physical therapists.


"If there is a problem, our physical therapists will call me and let me know what is going on with the patient," said Rocca. "It’s beneficial to have such open lines of communication, and they are well-tuned into muscular functions."


Along with the experienced physical therapists, the clinics are staffed with highly skilled physical therapy assistants and technicians who keep the clinic in top running order.


The physical therapy assistant (PTA) is a technically educated health care provider who assists physical therapists with daily rehabilitative activities. They can perform all of the same duties as a physical therapist except for the initial evaluation, said Herb Anding, physical therapist and clinical director of the Physical Therapy Center at TOI’s Gainesville office.


"PTA’s see a regular case load, which allows us to see more patients and progress more quickly with rehabilitation," he said.


Physical therapy technicians receive on-the-job training and are an important addition to the physical therapy staff because they keep the clinic flowing properly.


"They are our physical therapy extension," Anding said. "They keep us from getting behind on appointments and improve productivity for everyone."


The physical therapy departments at TOI are hard-working teams that work diligently every day to offer the best care for patients.


"I enjoy the different people that you get to know as you progress with their rehabilitation," Anding said. "Having a good environment to work in also makes my job even more enjoyable."


TOI would like to give a special thank you to its entire physical therapy staff!


Physical Therapists:


Herb Anding, Gainesville

Christopher Follenius, Alachua

David Lee, Gainesville

Carlos Riveros, Gainesville

Joyce Shahboz, Gainesville

Carrie Waldren, Ocala

Christy Yaxley, Lake City


Physical Therapy Assistants:


Danielle Conklin, Lake City

Jason Guynn, Ocala

Chris Lacy, Lake City

John Sherman, Lake City

Kyle Sykes, Gainesville


Physical Therapy Technicians:


Hunter Allen, Lake City

Garrett Blanton, Gainesville

Jaclyn Bontya, Alachua

Caitlin Cunningham, Lake City

Joey Edge, Lake City

Nicole Griffin, Lake City

Daniel Neff, Gainesville

Amanda Newsom, Gainesville

Tina Popp, Gainesville

Casey Umstead, Lake City

Chelsea Watts, Ocala

Sherman Wells, Lake City

Kyu Yo, Gainesville

T.D. Young, Gainesville



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